Central-north 3D Geological Modelling Central-north 3D Geological Modelling

The Central-north 3D Geological Modelling project aims to update the current 3D model of central Northern Tasmania with recent mapping from the TasExplore Project. A large portion of the Central North, principally the Mt Read Volcanics and overlying Owen and Gordon Groups, was remapped during the recent TasExplore project. This resulted in significant improvements to the geological knowledge of the region. Re-interpretation of the geology of the central north region with new geochronology data will be incorporated into the 3D geological model of Tasmania.


Project status:

A series of new geological cross sections have been constructed utilising revised stratigraphy from 1:25,000 scale geological mapping, gravity and magnetics data and structural geology section construction concepts (stratigraphic thickness determinations and structure formline mapping). Major structures and stratigraphy have been digitised from cross sections and the 3D model is scheduled for completion in early 2015.