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Publication of Savage River 1:25,000 Geological Map

This latest sheet of the Digital Geological Atlas 1:25 000 series, released in November 2019, covers 200km2 of highly prospective ground in northwest Tasmania. The diverse geology (75 geological units, ranging in age from Holocene to Mesoproterozoic) includes parts of the Rocky Cape Group, Ahrberg Group, Arthur Metamorphic Complex, Luina Group, Heazlewood River and Mt Stewart Ultramafic Complexes and Meredith Granite. As well as the world-class Savage River iron ore deposits, the area contains more than 70 historical workings or active prospects for diverse commodities including copper, gold, silver-lead-zinc, nickel, tin, tungsten, osmiridium, nickel, chromite, magnetite, magnesite, talc and ochre.

Field mapping was mainly undertaken between 2016 and 2018 by MRT geologists Grace Cumming, John Everard and Carl Jackman. The map also utilises earlier work by Tony Brown, Nic Turner and industry and university geologists, notably David Peck. Digital cartography was principally by Amanda Mayne. The map can be downloaded from this website and hard copies are available from MRT, PO Box 56 Rosny Park.