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Sand Prospectivity Maps Released

Mineral Resources Tasmania recently completed a study into Tasmania's sand prospectivity. The resulting report: Sand Prospectivity and Confidence Map for Tasmaina, outlines the method used to define and map the distribution of potential sand resources throughout the state.

Prospectivity mapping was based on a desktop study utilizing Mineral Resources Tasmania's (MRT) 1:25 000 and 1:250 000 digital geological mapping, Mineral Occurrences database, information about current and past tenements, and background knowledge of sand occurrences in Tasmania. As there were issues related to the disparate scales of geological base data used in the prospectivity mapping, a confidence map was also produced. Sand is an essential component in the manufacture of concrete and other pavement materials used in the building and construction industries, and may also be used in foundries and for glass making. Sand consumption in the construction industry and for glassmaking and production in Tasmania has varied from 675 000 tonnes in 2010/2011, to 454 000 tonnes in 2015/16, to approximately 525 000 tonnes during 2017/18. 

Read the report and find the maps here.