Current Exploration and Mining in Tasmania Current Exploration and Mining in Tasmania

For a small State, Tasmania packs a punch. One of the most highly and diversely mineralised areas in the world, its significant mineral deposits include:

  • Metallic minerals of copper, gold, silver, iron, tungsten, tin, zinc, and non-metallic
  • Industrial minerals of ultra-high purity silica flour, magnesite, limestone, dolomite, fluorite and coal
  • Non-metallic construction materials of building stone, aggregate, gravel and sand


In May 2014, there were 561 mining leases, 154 exploration licences, 31 retention licences, and 3 special exploration licences active within Tasmania. At present, there are 14 mining operations and 3 major mineral-processing facilities in Tasmania as well as many smaller operations.

More than 80 per cent of Australia's economic demonstrated resources of tin are in Tasmania and the mining and mineral-processing sectors combined represent close to 50 per cent of Tasmania's export earnings.

Mining operations and investigations on Tasmania's west coast have identified in-ground resources worth more than AU$11 billion in current values, with exploration to find more ongoing.

All this activity in exploration, mining, and mineral processing uses much less than 1 per cent of Tasmania's land mass even when combined with current mining proposals.

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