Mining leases in Tasmania are granted for a term commensurate with the life of the mining project. The term of a mine lease may be extended at the discretion of the Minister if the holder is able to show grounds for extension.

Mine leases may be granted for one or more of the following mineral categories:

Category 1:  metallic minerals and atomic substances;
Category 2:  coal, peat, lignite, oil shale and coal seam gas;
Category 3:  rock, stone, gravel, sand and clay used in construction, bricks and ceramics;
Category 5:  industrial minerals, precious stones, semi-precious stones;

Mining Lease Applicants must supply a security deposit to cover the cost of rehabilitation or environmental liability. The amount required is determined by MRT and reflects the cost to government for carrying out rehabilitation in the event of default by the lessee. The amount is determined according to proposed stages of development and rehabilitation in the mining plan.

The Minister may only grant an application for a lease if satisfied that the applicant:

  • has demonstrated that there is sufficient quantity of minerals to justify mining;
  • intends to mine;
  • intends to comply with the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995;
  • has an appropriate mining plan;
  • is likely to have sufficient financial and technical resources to carry out the mining plan;
  • has provided the Director with sufficient information relating to the likely impact on the environment;
  • if the application is in respect of private land, has entered into a compensation agreement with the owner or
  • occupier of the land; and
  • has provided a security deposit.

Lessees are required to advise MRT of accurate production figures and pay royalties on a quarterly basis. Royalties are payable where the Crown owns the minerals.

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