North West Tasmania gravity survey North West Tasmania gravity survey

A gravity survey was conducted in 2012/13 over a substantial area of north-west Tasmania where the previous coverage was inadequate. This survey resulted in the acquisition of 1,200 new gravity stations, over an area of 3,800 sq km. To follow up interesting features located by this survey MRT has collected additional gravity data on the Luina 1:25,000 sheet and is supporting a BSc (Hons.) project, through the University of Tasmania, to obtain and interpret more data from the Huskisson River area.  Data from the 2012/13 survey is now incorporated in the State database and is available for download.

Project outline:

The survey area covered a large part of north-western Tasmania and involved the acquisition and processing of 1,200 new regional-scale gravity stations, with bases at Waratah and Smithton. Gravity acquisition was conducted using four wheel drive vehicles taking measurements along gazetted roads and forestry access tracks at approximately one kilometre spacing. Some selected traverses utilised a 500m station spacing.