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Approved forms under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995

  • The forms provided are live documents and are continuously updated by Mineral Resources Tasmania. Please ensure that you are using the current version of these forms.

  • A copy of the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 and Mineral Resources Regulations 1996 can be viewed by searching the Tasmanian Legislation Database on the Internet at .

Exploration Licence Forms
MRDA_E1 Application for Exploration Licence (updated December 2013)
MRDA_E2 Application for Extension of Term of Exploration Licence (updated December 2013)
MRDA_E5 Application to Consolidate Exploration Licence (updated December 2013)
MRDA_E7 Exploration Licence Annual Return (Updated December 2013)
Make an on-line application for an Exploration Licence (other than Oil)
Please refer to the information on applying for an exploration licence.

Retention Licence Forms
MRDA_R1 Application for Retention Licence (updated December 2013)
MRDA_R2 Application for Extension of Term of Retention Licence (updated December 2013)
MRDA_R4 Retention Licence Annual Return (Updated December 2013)
Mining Lease Forms
MRDA_M1 Application for Mining Lease (updated December 2013)
MRDA_M4 Application for Renewal of Mining Lease (updated December 2013)
MRDA_M2 Marking out notice (updated December 2013)
Prospecting Licence Forms
MRDA_P1 Application for Prospecting Licence (updated December 2013)
MRDA_P2 Conditions Relating to Prospecting Licences (updated March 2012)
MRDA_P3 Approval to Prospect within a Mineral Tenement (updated July 2011)
Common Forms
MRDA_C1 Caveat (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C2 Objection to a mineral tenement (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C3 Surrender (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C4 Notice of Intention to Enter Private Land (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C5 Application for Approval of a Written Instrument (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C6 Application for Transfer of a Mineral Tenement (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C7 Application for Exemption from Conditions (updated December 2013)
MRDA_C8 Application for approval to sublease a lease (updated December 2013)
Other Information

Sample Compensation Agreement

Sample Compensation Agreement complying with the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995. Please contact Tenement Administration at for further information.

Security Deposit Information Sheet (updated December 2013)
Proposed Exploration Work Programs (updated December 2013)
Public Liability Insurance
Fees, Rents and Royalties
EII - Environmental Impact Information - Mining (extractive industries)

These forms are designed to provide information for a proposed quarrying or extractive industry operation and to assess potential environmental impacts of the proposal. The information is required to assist Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) in drafting appropriate lease conditions and to set a rehabilitation bond. Please refer to the Quarry Code of Practice which will be used as the assessment standard. A full environmental management plan is required when a major operation is proposed, or when it is believed that there is a potential for environmental harm.

Applications and Transfers (pdf)
Updated December 2013

Application for Exploration Licence for Offshore Minerals
(Commonwealth of Australia Offshore Minerals Act 1994)
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