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Tenements FAQ

Tenement Administration fields queries from the mining industry and the public every day. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What's the difference between exploration and mining?

Does exploration always lead to mining?

Who can apply for an exploration licence or mining lease?

Are planning and environmental permits required for exploration licences?

Who owns the minerals?

What minerals can be mined under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995?

How do I know if an application for an exploration licence or mining lease has been made over my land, or land in which I have a proprietary interest?

How can I find out about areas available for mineral exploration?

Can I object to the grant of an exploration licence?

When can the holder of a mining lease start work?

Is a landowner entitled to a mineral royalty once mining begins?

Is a landowner entitled to compensation?

Is the land rehabilitated after the work is finished?

What is prospecting?

Can prospecting occur on private property?

How do I get a prospecting licence?

What equipment can I use to go prospecting?

I want to make a payment. What are MRT's bank account details?

Where can I find information about someone else's exploration licence, mining lease or application?

Where do I get a copy of the Mineral Resources Development Act?

Where can I find more information?