West Tasmania 3D Geological & Geophysical Modelling West Tasmania 3D Geological & Geophysical Modelling

The Rosebery-Lyell 3D geological and geophysical model is an extension and refinement of previous MRT 3D models in the region.  It expresses a new structural synthesis based on mapping and multiple cross sections produced by numerous geologists over several decades. It extends to a depth of 10 km within the area depicted at left.  The model is constrained by 3D geophysical modelling using MRT's gravity and magnetic survey data coupled with drilling and rock physical property databases.   This information has been used to derive uncertainty estimates for each element in the model volume.  The model files also include nominal density and magnetic susceptibility estimates obtained for each voxel, thus incorporating intra-unit variations.

The geological model was constructed using the GOCAD® Mining Suite from Mira Geoscience, with initial geophysical inversions via the VPmg code. Further geophysical modelling and uncertainty characterisation was carried out with the GeoModellerTM software from Intrepid Geophysics.

The 3D model files are available for download below in several forms:


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Rosebery Mt Lyell 3D Model

3D geological model surfaces

Model Gravity

Modelled gravity response over density variations in Central Volcanic Complex and mafic-ultramafic complexes

Granite Surface

Devonian and Cambrian granites