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ERA Details
ERA Reference ERA9999
Title Gladstone
Area Final area to be determined
Parts Unknown
Status Pending : The area is being processed and may be varied before release
Product Category(s) Category 1 - Metallic Minerals, Atomic Substances and any other mineral category that may be available within the defined area
Andrew Wakefield
Phone: 03 6165 4748
Managing Geologist
Andrew McNeill
Phone: 03 6165 4732
Email enquiries with a subject of ERA9999
Map Image
The exploration release system offers newly available ground at a nominated date, at least two months after expiry, revocation or surrender of a licence. During that time the area is unavailable for application.

After the end of the moratorium period applications may be lodged, for Exploration Licences or Mining Leases, by courier, registered mail or in person for the whole or part of the ERA. Applications for ERA9999 may be made on and up to four working days thereafter. All applications received during this five day period will be treated as simultaneous and have equal priority.

Applications with equal priority will be considered and decided on merit. If no applications are received during the five day application period the area becomes open ground for 'over the counter' application.

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