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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Federation Mine Shaft and Adit Repairs

Shaft and adit repairs, funded through the Rehabilitation Trust Fund, were completed at the former Federation Mine near Zeehan, Tasmania.

The rehabilitation trust fund working group identified a public safety concern due to the increased popularity of the Lake Cumberland 4WD track, which provides greater public access to Federation Mine and legacy mining features.

As part of the rehabilitation works, a pre-constructed steel gate and steel mesh screen were lifted by helicopter to site. The contractors installed the steel gate at the entrance of a legacy adit which was determined to be a very high safety risk (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Steel gate blocking access to legacy adit at Federation Mine.

Additionally, the steel mesh screen was installed and affixed to the ground over the shaft opening (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Steel mesh screen blocking access to legacy shaft at Federation Mine.

All works will be inspected regularly as part of ongoing rehabilitation management of the Federation Mine.