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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Reports Made Open File in May

Following is a list of company and MRT reports made open file during May.

Reports can be downloaded here.

Table of New Open File Reports

TitleReport IDReport NoReport Date
Construction of the Statewide Digital Terrian Model (DTM) for Tasmania120070TR2213/04/2021
Beacon Hill Resources PLC - magnesite project - technical valuation - draft10595516_755128/02/2009
Survey of the giant freshwater lobster, Astacopsis gouldi, on Johnnys Creek for Arthur River Magnesite Project10597316_755217/05/2010
Arthur River Magnesite geoheritage assessment of mining lease 24M/200910597416_75531/03/2012
Aquatic environmental values associated with the Crest Magnesite mining development, north west Tasmania10597516_75541/01/1999
Vegetation survey and fauna habitat assessment10597616_755528/05/2010
Arthur River deposit hydrogeological review10599516_756116/03/2010
Report for Arthur River ML scoping study - hydrogeological investigation10599616_75621/07/2011
Flotation of magnesite ore ex Arthur River / Lyons River - Phase 1 - preliminary tests10622216_76016/08/1997
Proposal for scoping study and drilling - Arthur River - memorandum10622316_76027/01/2011
Field work 2011 - Arthur River Project - Northwest Tasmania10622416_76031/10/2011
Report on Arthur River magnesite mine - geotechnical review10622516_76041/01/2012
Karst cavities and drillhole voids in context - memo10622616_76057/05/2010
Metallurgical reports 2010-201110622716_760614/10/2010