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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Rock Assemblage Library

A project to evaluate the performance of the HyLogging rapid spectroscopic logging and imaging system has culminated in a hefty report published in December.

The project was a five year collaboration with AuScope Limited and compared the results from different HyLoggers, indicating a high level of consistency. The project went on to analyse 46 drill core samples to compare the minerals identified by automatic and expert-driven spectral unmixing algorithms with those from validation techniques such as quantitative XRD and MLA. The HyLogging results, including mineral identification, mineral proportions and mineral composition, were validated for common mineral assemblages. Progressively more challenging assemblages returned less accurate, but still largely reliable results and provide testbeds for further algorithm development.

The lead author David Green said: “It is pleasing to have had the HyLogging system so thoroughly tested and the impressive results strengthen our confidence in the technique”.