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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Rehabilitation at Lake River Road

Rehabilitation works, funded through forfeited bonds, were completed on the cancelled Gunns Ltd mining lease (ML 52M/1990) at Lake River Road near Cressy, Tasmania.

To reduce risks to public safety and create a stable landform, steep quarry walls were stripped and shaped in compliance with the Quarry Code of Practice. Earth bunds and drainage controls were constructed to prevent and limit future erosion. Additionally, sizeable trenches were installed at the site entry points to restrict 4WD access.

Spreading of available topsoil and slash and ripping of the quarry floor was completed to assist in native seed germination. Seed selection was determined based on the species present in neighbouring vegetation communities. A mixture of native seed, sawdust, and fertiliser was directly applied over the 1-hectare area.

Following revegetation works, a drone flight was conducted in order to provide a comparison to the previous landscape, assess rehabilitation outcomes, and monitor erosion.

Drone imagery of final landscape, prior to revegetation works.