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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Further Reports Made Open File in May

Following is a list of company and MRT reports made open file during May.

Reports can be downloaded here.

Table of New Open File Reports

TitleReport IDReport NoReport Date
Annual report 2016/17 and 2017/18 - EL15/2015 - Sulphide Creek, Western Tasmania10919518_791113/04/2018
Annual report 2018/19 - EL15/2015 Sulphide Creek Western Tasmania11622219_81281/04/2019
EL13/2015 - Frankland River - partial relinquishment report November 2019 to November 202011943020_83841/12/2020
Final relinquishment report Bell Bay Quarry Project Exploration Licence 7/2015 & 21/2012 Bell Bay, Tasmania, Australia11979421_841811/02/2021
Final report 2019/2020 EL17/2015 Boco Creek western Tasmania11996921_843113/03/2021
Various reports on Zeehan Mines12010921_84441/01/1947