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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Reports released to open file

All reports will be available as of 3/02/2023, and can be downloaded from the MRT reports database via their report numbers here.

New Open File Reports

TitleTenementReport No
Annual report on exploration on EL18/2007 - Hampshire 2 - July 2016 to July 2017EL18/200717_7767
EL2/2015 Dans Rivulet annual report on exploration 28th May 2016 to 27th May 2017EL2/201517_7772
Annual report for RL10/1988 Moina for the period 22 October 2016 to 21 October 2017RL10/198817_7824
EL6/2005 - Cuprona annual report on exploration September 2016 to September 2017EL6/200517_7826
Annual report for EL2/2016 Royal George for the period 25 October 2016 to 24 October 2017EL2/2016 17_7827
EL11/2012 Gladstone, NE Tasmania annual report for the year ended November 2017EL11/2012 17_7829
Annual report for EL16/2010 - 1st November 2016 to 31st October 2017EL16/2010 17_7835
Annual report for EL26/2004 Firetower for the period 26 November 2016 to 25 November 2017EL26/2004 17_7837
Annual report for EL30/2004 Warrentinna for the period 26 November 2015 to 25 November 2017EL30/200417_7838
EL27/2004 Rossarden-Royal George annual report to 26 November 2017EL27/2004 17_7839
Third annual report for EL18/2014 - Prossers Rd - 2 December 2016 - 1 December 2017EL18/2014 17_7844
2017 annual report - EL30/2011EL30/2011 17_7847
EL19/2001 annual report, 2017 King Island NW TasmaniaEL19/2001 18_7852
EL13_2011 annual report for the period 5th October 2016 to 4th October 2017EL13/2011 18_7853
Retention Licence 2/2003 Maydena, Tasmania - annual report to 09 January 2018RL2/2003 18_7855
EL8/2009 Red Hills annual report for period 12 November 2016 to 11 November 2017EL8/2009 18_7856
Annual report on Exploration Licence 12/2015 for the period November 2016 - November 2017EL12/2015 18_7902
Annual report EL36/2006 [sic] Golconda 2013/2014 EL30/200622_8646
EL41/2008 annual report - 12 January 2011 to 12 January 2012EL41/200822_8632
Rehabilitation of Mines 2021 - 2022 Annual ReviewN/AREHAB2023_01
Annual report RL2/2016 Cumberland Lake western TasmaniaRL2/201618_7873
EL15/2017 annual report to 3 January 2019EL15/201719_8068
Annual report RL2/2016 Cumberland Lake western TasmaniaRL2/201619_8098
Annual report RL2/2016 Cumberland Lake western Tasmania - January 2020RL2/201620_8254
Annual report to 3 January 2020 - EL15/2017EL15/201720_8267
Annual report RL2/2016 Cumberland Lake western TasmaniaRL2/201621_8395
Annual report to 3 January 2021 - EL15/2017EL15/201721_8408
final report RL2/2016 Cumberland Lake Western TasmaniaRL2/201622_8566
Drilling report for - EDGI Round 5 - EL7/2005 Cleveland ProjectEL7/200522_8623
Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative - Round 5 - Report on Drill Hole DBBA1 at the Murrays Reward / Central Mt. Balfour Prospect on EL10/2014 Balfour and 1M/1976EL10/2014, 1M/197622_8627
Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative - Round 5 - Report on Drill Hole MGTS1 - Tin Spur Prospect - EL29/2009 CethanaEL29/200922_8628