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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Second release of Round 7 data

Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) has now released to Open File, Final Reports from four more Round 7 EDGI co-funded drilling projects, completed in August 2023.  These projects were extended due to difficulty securing drilling contractors.

Chalcopyrite-pyrite vein at 261.8m in Dora 3 prospect hole D3-001, hosted in chlorite altered quartz-feldspar phyric rhyolite. (Within assay interval 261-262m, 1m at 0.48%Cu, 0.16g/t Au, 2 g/t Ag 0.10% Pb, 0.14% Zn)

The reports now being made Open File cover the following projects:

Round 7 – Denali (Nickel) – Holes TH008 to TH010 – Avebury (Operating) Pty Ltd

Round 7 – Alpine West (Copper, Gold) – Hole AP037 – Georgina Resources Pty Ltd

Round 7 – Dora 3 (Copper, Gold) – Hole D3-001 – Georgina Resources Pty Ltd

Round 7 – Narrawa (Tungsten, Gold, Bismuth) – Hole SQD1 – Moina Gold Pty Ltd

Data includes the Final Reports and all available geological, geochemical, and geophysical data, as well as drill core photos.  MRT have collected hyperspectral data from this core, which can be requested from (~2.5Gb per hole).  Drill core is available for viewing, by appointment, at the Mornington Core Library.

At the Denali project near Trial Harbour, historic drilling identified skarn-altered serpentinite-style nickel mineralisation, similar to Avebury, around the northern contact of the Trial Harbor Ultramafic body.

The aim of the EDGI drilling was to extend the known nickel mineralisation and compare it with Avebury.  The program was successful in further defining the western extent of the Avebury style mineralisation, although no significant mineralisation was intersected.  The best intercept being 5m at 0.43% Ni in TH008.

At the Alpine West target NW of Zeehan, EDGI drilling aimed to test a magnetic high, modelled from existing historical airborne magnetic data, adjacent to a modelled gravity high, approximately 500m west of the Alpine Stellar zone.

Hole AP037 intersected a sequence of schists, basalt, and amphibolite.  No significant copper mineralisation was intersected but minor gold values were recorded associated with isolated quartz-arsenopyrite veins.  The targeted magnetic feature is apparently explained by intersected zones of magnetite alteration and veining.

NE of Queenstown, at the Dora 3 prospect, hole D3-001 targeted a magnetic anomaly with anomalous coincident Cu ± Au surface geochemistry hosted by sheared chlorite-silica altered quartz-feldspar-phyric volcanics of the Eastern Quartz-Phyric Sequence of the Mt Read Volcanics.

The hole intersected steeply dipping zones of chlorite ± quartz-alteration within interbedded felsic and intermediate to mafic volcanics.  Several zones of weak to moderate disseminated and vein copper mineralisation were intersected, including 29m at 0.18% Cu, 0.23% Pb, 0.23% Zn and 16 g/t Ag.

D3-001 verified a broad, subsurface hydrothermal alteration zone and associated low grade copper-gold mineralisation at Lake Dora. Much of the prospect area remains untested and further work is considered warranted.

At the Squib Prospect, hole SQD1 targeted a 3D IP conductivity anomaly, potentially related to mineralisation on the margin of the Dolcoath Granite.  The hole intersected variably biotite-hornfelsed Moina Sandstone, with local aplite dykes, until locally greisenised granite was intersected to hole end. Visible wolframite, molybdenite and possibly bismuth minerals were noted in thin quartz veinlets associated with some of the aplite dyke and greisen zones.  The main aplitic dyke has marginal sphalerite, arsenopyrite, pyrite and galena, occurs close to the 3D IP resistivity low, and is considered to explain it.

Apart from narrow high-grade zones W, Mo, Bi and Au assays were sub-economic.


Company Report - Onshore 23_8782: EL 28/1988 Mt Zeehan - Final Drilling Project report for Denali EDGI holes

Company Report - Onshore 23_8784: Final Drilling Project Report, Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative Round 7 - AP037, West Alpine Prospect

Company Report - Onshore 23_8786: Final drilling Project Report, Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative Round 7 - Dora 3 Zone, Lake Dora Prospect

Company Report - Onshore 23_8787: Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative – Round 7 – Report on drill hole SQD1 Squib prospect – RL 3/2005 Narrawa Creek