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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Coal Hill fossicking area


This 9 km2 area is about 90 km SSW of Hobart in southern Tasmania. It is reached via Huonville on good sealed roads as far as Hastings or Dover, and then on fair unsealed roads and forestry tracks. The Lune River fossicking area is nearby. Travellers should watch out for log trucks and forestry operations.

Collecting Area

Over an area around and to the southeast of Coal Hill, approximately four kilometres northwest of Hastings. Collecting is best in recently clear-felled areas.


The area yields fine specimens of agate, jasper, chalcedony and petrified wood. Some agates may contain geodes with crystalline quartz and rarely amethyst.

Special Conditions

  • No fossicking within 200 m of the centreline of the Hastings Caves Road.
  • No fossicking to take place in any area of new plantation or regeneration until the trees are five metres tall or five years old, whichever is the sooner, subject to the discretion of the District Forester.
  • No fossicking to take place within any area where a forestry operation is being carried out (e.g. logging, clearing, burning, sowing or planting).
  • Fossickers abide by the forestry safety, health and welfare regulations.