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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Gladstone Hill fossicking area


This 8 km2 area in northeast Tasmania is about 90 km northeast of Launceston and 250 km NNE of Hobart. It can be reached on good sealed roads via Scottsdale or St Helens, using the Tasman Highway and Gladstone Road, or via Bridport using Waterhouse Road.

Collecting area

The main collecting area is around the old tin workings associated with Ah Kaw Creek, Mt Cameron Creek and Alhambra Creek (MGA reference 583 510 mE, 5 464 180 mN).


The area has yielded good specimens of smoky quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, topaz and jasper. The area is particularly renowned for large crystals of smoky quartz.

Special Conditions

Historic mining relics occur in this area. Fossickers are asked to respect these relics by avoiding disturbance of historic workings and not collecting artefacts (e.g. bottles, pieces of machinery etc.) from this area.