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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Penguin fossicking area


This 0.5 km2 area is located adjacent to Lonah Road between Ulverstone and Penguin in northwest Tasmania. The area is about 100 km northwest of Launceston  and 20 km southeast of Burnie, and can be reached via Penguin or Ulverstone on good sealed roads. Because of the coastal location, tidal charts may need to be consulted.



Special Conditions

Jasper occurs as small water-worn pebbles scattered along the foreshore. Pebbles are found near to, and between large, dark-coloured rocks which are Cambrian volcanic rocks. These foreshore rocks form part of the Penguin Geological Monument, recognised by the Geological Society of Australia as a site of special significance. The rocks near Tea Tree Point are part of the Motton Spillite, and include good examples of basalt `pillows'. This location is used by teaching excursions at secondary and tertiary level, and fossickers are requested not to damage the basalt formation.

Fossickers may collect the loose jasper pebbles but must not damage the rock formations.