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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Time–Space Diagram and Stratotectonic Elements Map

Time-Space Diagram

In constructing this wallchart-sized diagram, Tasmania was divided into seven main regions or 'Elements' with differing geological histories, presented in columnar format based on the most recent geological timescale. Information shown includes major stratigraphic sequences and rock types, radiometric and biostratigraphic age control points, deformation events, metamorphic events, igneous intrusive events, and significant mineralisation events.

The diagram provides a synoptic view of the relationships in time and space of the main stratigraphic units and tectonic events in Tasmania's complex geological history.

A printed verion can be purchased from MRT for $22 or Download a free pdf version.

Stratotectonic Elements Map Of Tasmania (1:500 000 Scale)

This map incorporates most of the data from the 1:250 000 scale digital geological coverage of Tasmania, but with the geology presented in a more synthesised format than in the standard 1:500 000 scale coverage. Also depicted are major faults and fold trends, major gravity and magnetic lineaments, and the interpreted 2 km depth contour of Devonian granites. The intent is to highlight the main stratotectonic elements (at surface and concealed) of Tasmania.

This map replaces the 1976 Structural Map of pre-Carboniferous Rocks of Tasmania.

A printed verion can be purchased from MRT for $11 or Download a free pdf version.

Explanatory Notes

A 62 page explanatory report is also available (Tasmanian Geological Survey Record 1995/01), and gives summary descriptions of the elements, units and events represented on the Time-Space Diagram and Stratotectonic Elements Map. This is an update on the many recent changes in ideas about, and knowledge of Tasmanian geology, and includes a listing of significant recent references.

A hard-copy version can be purchased from MRT for $16.50 or Download a free pdf version.