Tasmania's Mineral Industry Tasmania's Mineral Industry

Tasmania has remarkable geological diversity and more than a century's history as a significant minerals producer. The State exports ores and concentrates of iron, copper, lead, zinc, tin, high-grade silica and tungsten. The total value of mining and metallurgical production in Tasmania was $1.66 billion in 2012¿13. The mineral extraction and processing sector is Tasmania's largest export industry and accounts for more than 50 per cent of mercantile exports.

Tasmania has six large operating mines, including long-term producers Mount Lyell (copper, gold, silver), Rosebery (zinc, lead, gold, copper, silver) and Savage River (magnetite, which is converted into iron ore pellets at Port Latta). A number of proposed projects are also in various stages of development.






Tasmania's major operating mines are:

  • Mt Lyell Mine: copper mining at Queenstown
  • Rosebery Mine: silver, lead, zinc mining
  • Renison Mine: tin mining
  • Savage River Mine: magnetite (iron ore) mine
  • Henty Mine: gold mining
  • Kara Mine: magnetite coal wash at Hampshire
  • Cornwall Coal: coal mining in northeast Tasmania
  • Nelson Bay River: iron ore mining in northwest Tasmania

Proposed projects include:

  • Avebury Mine: nickel at Zeehan
  • Bauxite : various locations
  • Mount Lindsay: iron and tin-tungsten
  • King Island: scheelite