Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI) - Round 3 Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI) - Round 3

The Tasmanian State Government, through the Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI), is offering grants for co-funded exploration drilling projects. The aim is to provide a stimulus to greenfields exploration in Tasmania. The State Government is funding this initiative with $2 million over four years and the program is administered by Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT).

Ten grants in October 2018 and eleven grants in May 2019 were awarded for the first two rounds of successful EDGI projects.  MRT is now seeking proposals from applicants for a third round of projects, to be to be jointly funded by the successful applicants and the State Government. The projects will be undertaken during 2019-20 and completed by November 2020.

The EDGI Program will consider applications from any off-mine-lease location in the state. It will preferentially fund high quality, technically and economically sound greenfields projects that promote innovative exploration or new exploration concepts and technology. Applicants may submit more than one proposal and applications can be made for all mineral categories, as defined in the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995.

The Government contribution to each successful project will be capped at $50,000 for direct drilling costs, plus an additional $20,000 if helicopter support is required. 

To apply for grant funding, download a copy of the Guidelines for Project Proposal Submission and complete a Project Proposal Form.

Completed Project Proposal Forms, with the requested supporting information appended in the appropriate format, are due by 5:00pm on Friday, 20th September 2019 and must be submitted in both hard copy and digital format. The Project Proposal Guidelines describe the necessary information for submitting acceptable proposals.

All proposals will be assessed by a panel comprising two MRT staff, an independent industry representative and an academic representative. The panel will use the assessment criteria, as detailed in the guidelines, to evaluate and rank all proposals received.

Applicants will be advised of their success or failure to obtain funding during December 2019. Funded projects must be completed, a Final Report produced, and all drill core/samples submitted to MRT by Friday, 6th November 2020. Grants will be paid following review of the Final Report, prior to the funding agreement ending on Friday, 4th December 2020. Alternatively, submission of an Interim Report, with copies of claimable invoices, by Friday, 29th May 2020, will facilitate release of half the total funding amount.

Depending on the level of up-take from the third round, a fourth round of project proposal applications may be called in early in 2020.

Successful applicants must agree to release to Open File new information and drill core/samples from their projects after a maximum confidentiality period of six months from submission of their Final Report.

For further information please contact the Project Manager, Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative, at info@mrt.tas.gov.au.


Critical Dates for EDGI Round 3:

Applications open

Monday 9th September 2019

Applications, last date for submission

Friday, 20th September 2019

Successful applicants announced (subject to change)

December 2019



Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI) Program - Round 3, 2019 - Guidelines for submission of applications

Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI) Program - Round 3, 2019 - Project Proposal Form (application form)