Exploration: geophysical survey
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MRT Newsletter Subscription Service

In the1990's Mineral Resources Tasmania published a quarterly newsletter called ProspecTas, a 10-14 page brochure containing articles relating to mining and mineral exploration in Tasmania. Within its pages could be found items relating to the availability of new digital maps, developments in Tasmania's major mines and even the odd work of poetry, such as The Ballad of K D Corbett, penned by David Duncan on the occasion of Keith Corbett's departure from the then Department of Mines.

In 2019, MRT has resurrected the newsletter in a form better suited to the information age. MRT NEWS is a 1-page, monthly newsletter containing brief announcements and notifications relevant to its subscribers. Specifically it will focus on notifying readers of upcoming Exploration Release Areas (ERAs), recommendations to grant new Exploration Licences (ELs), major new appointments, changes to legislation, regulations or policy, and the release of new geoscientific data or other information.

You will find the May issue of MRT NEWS here. If you'd like to subscribe to this new service, please cut and paste the following into an email and send to info@mrt.tas.gov.au:

I'd like to subscribe to MRT NEWS. Please send a monthly PDF to me at the following address:

Don't forget to include your preferred email address!