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The HyLogger core scanner rapidly logs mineralogy and synchronously captures high resolution digital images of drill core. The system uses visible, near infrared and thermal infrared spectroscopy to identify and characterise minerals at a spatial resolution of one centimetre. HyLogging was developed by the CSIRO to provide an objective logging system to assist geologists to interpret drill core.



Key Advantages

  • Objective, consistent and effective core logging
  • Visualisation of mineralogical and compositional variation
  • Improved understanding of alteration
  • Vectors to mineralisation
  • Samples measured in their original trays
  • Non destructive
  • Production of up to 500 m per day
  • Near real time analysis
  • High resolution digital images


Tasmanian HyLogger data can be found using the TIGER drillhole search form, which includes links to download data.

HyLogger scanning service

MRT offers a service to scan drill core, chips and hand specimens subject to demand. HyLogger scanning for commercial, collaborative and research applications is available. Please contact David Green (details on Contacts page).

Minerals identified

Visible and near-infrared:

  • Fe oxides - hematite, goethite
  • AlOH Group - paragonite, muscovite, phengite, illite, pyrophyllite, kaolinite, halloysite, dickite, gibbsite, montmorillonite, palygorskite
  • Sulphates - alunite, jarosite, gypsum
  • FeOH Group - saponite, nontronite
  • MgOH Group - chlorites, biotite, phlogopite, antigorite, tremolite, actinolite-chrysotile-lizardite, talc, hornblende, brucite, serpentines
  • Carbonates - calcite, dolomite, Fe-dolomite, magnesite, ankerite, siderite
  • Prehnite, topaz, epidote-zoisite, tourmalines


Thermal infrared adds:

  • Anhydrous silicates - quartz, silica, feldspars, olivines, pyroxenes, garnets
  • Carbonates - cerrusite, smithsonite, strontianite, witherite, azurite, malachite, rhodochrosite, aragonite
  • Clinozoisite, prehnite, some zeolites, barite, apatite, borates, zircon, anadalusite, cordierite, vesuvianite, marialite, meionite, vonsenite, some metallic minerals


Useful references

Introduction to the HyLogger system

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Introduction to the HyLogger suite of machines

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Example of using HyLogger TIR data

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Guidelines for selecting and preparing drill core

Smith, B. 2012. HyLogger FAQ.

HyLoggerTM is a Registered Trademark of the CSIRO