Occurrences of Gemstone Minerals in Tasmania Occurrences of Gemstone Minerals in Tasmania

This book has been prepared as a guide for people who are interested in collecting and polishing Tasmanian gemstones and is an updated version of the seventh edition compiled by W. L Matthews and R. S. Bottrill in 1993. The descriptions and localities of the various minerals have been compiled from a number of sources. These include: Catalogue of the Minerals of Tasmania by W. F. Petterd, 1910 (a revised edition was issued as Geological Survey Record 9, 1970); Lancaster (1980, 2000); Gemstones in Tasmania by P. B. Nye (1927); Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery mineral catalogue; and Dr F. L. Sutherland, formerly of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Staff of Mineral Resources Tasmania (formerly the Department of Mines), and the various lapidary clubs in Tasmania, have supplied some localities. In many cases where localities are taken from publications, the precise locality has not been given therein.



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