Taroona Land Stability Taroona Land Stability

Mineral Resources Tasmania monitors an active slow-moving landslide, the School Creek Landslide, in Taroona. Information about this landslide can be downloaded from the document search facility on the MRT website and is contained in the landslide database component of the web map viewer. Ongoing monitoring consists of a near-real-time monitoring system measuring horizontal displacement, rainfall and groundwater pressure. A network of inclinometers and ground control points are periodically measured to determine ground displacement over a larger area.

A major investigation was undertaken in 2012-2014 to better understand the School Creek Landslide in order for informed risk management plans to be developed for the major stakeholders, including residents, the schools, council and infrastructure providers. Three reports by consultant GHD with contributions and technical assistance from MRT are available for download. The project was managed by Kingborough Council with funding provided from the Natural Disaster Resilience Programme.